Accelerated Nursing Programs

Accelerated nursing programs is basically a program that is offered to a professional who wishes to get a nursing degree beside his already existing Bachelor’s degree in another field of study.  The purpose of getting an accelerated nursing programs is to get other subjects accredited to the nursing course without the need to retake the subjects over again.

The existing credits are used as a foothold to the professional to earn his Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) or perhaps the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree wherein the purpose of such accelerated nursing programs is to become a registered nurse.
Accelerated nursing programs results to the professional to be recognized as a registered nurse and be able to get higher paying wages in the medical field than those other professionals with lower nursing licenses.  The time period for accelerated nursing programs for the Bachelor’s degree is typically 11 to 18 months of study while those of the Master’s Degree requires three years of study.

Accelerated Nursing Programs Requirements

Accelerated nursing programs requires the students to study even during the summer and holiday breaks.  The accelerated BSN nursing programs requires a 40 hour per week study for the entire year.  Hence, any extra curricular activities will have to be put on hold until such requirements have been met.

The motivations set for the professional taking the accelerated nursing programs is that the person has a higher academic expectations than those of fresh entry level undergraduates.  Professors often find that students excelling in the accelerated nursing programs are those of second degree coursers.  They are often found by the teachers to be more than willing to challenge the instructions of the teachers in cases wherein they disagree with the procedure.

Accelerated nursing programs degree holders are also more impressive to the employers.  They usually present a more mature and professional approach to whatever the employer wants them to do.  Hence, accelerated nursing programs degree holders are often the primary choice of the employer to promote or to hire in cases they apply for a position.

Accelerated nursing programs degree holders are often encouraged by their professors to be nurse educators as they are more experienced and have a higher level of education.  This is to help keep the flow of educators stable and available as the needs for such educators are currently high due to the lack of such faculty members.

Accelerated Nursing Programs

Accelerated nursing programs is considered to be the fastest route to becoming a registered nurse.  This may seem like not enough ample time to create the necessary experience for the person to have.  However, as stated above the progress of such accelerated nursing programs degree holders are basically improving and so far have outclassed those of entry level nursing graduates.

Accelerated nursing programs is available in several states in the US.  The local hospitals and health care providers are currently working a strategy wherein such accelerated nursing programs degree students can avail of a financial aid as the choices for aid are limited and often saturated by other accelerated nursing programs students.